Mar 6, 2013

WIP Wednesday

WIP = Work In Progress

I follow a couple of blogs who have a WIP Wednesday, so since I'm home on Wednesdays and working on stuff that may or may not be finished I decided I will do the same. Because, I usually only post things that I've finished, and sometimes that means I'm not posting projects very often. Sometimes I don't post what I have finished because it's finished and it's not a project anymore though!

So, I started a quilt. My first quilt. So far I hate everything. I'm making 12 square foot blocks, and they are going to have strips in between all of them so there's at least another foot to a foot and a half added in each direction when it's done. My boyfriend liked this one quilt that looked easy enough so I started making that pattern, I wish I started with bigger squares than TWO INCHES.

There are a lot of little squares, there will be 16 in each block, and 12 blocks... I need 192 squares. Thank god I happen to have a rotary cutter. 

The other project (that I do hope to finish today) is my tutu. I originally made this tutu to match a pair of cool cat ears a friend got me. Well, I was wearing it the other day (I got a blue and black corset and it's awesome, especially with the tutu!) and I noticed that there are a lot of gaps in between the fabric. It's just tulle tied to a piece of elastic, very simple. I got more tulle, both are sparkly and the blue matches the corset a little better than the blues already in the tutu. Just gotta cut them up and tie them on. Not too hard... Just time consuming. Like cutting tiny little squares and then sewing them together... 

The mess of colors is that actual tutu, while the black on the left there is the black tulle I got and the blue beneath the black is the blue that I got. The corset is underneath the blue fabric, I didn't think to get a picture of that also. You can see the corner of it at least! It's pretty. 

By the way, I used THIS TUTORIAL to make the tutu. I like how mine sticks OUT instead of down when I wear it... That's how I think it should be. I'm not exactly sure how people even make the kind that lay down more anyways. 

I plan on getting pictures of me wearing the "Blue Cat" outfit sometime, I'll be sure to post them because I think it looks cute all put together. 

I'm also trying to write a story! Not sure if it will ever turn out... I don't have much ambition to become an author, but I do enjoy typing a LOT, so why not write something? If I decide that it isn't good enough to try to get it published, I think I will post it here in sections. Is that a good idea? 

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