Mar 8, 2013


I ordered some chainmaille from Much cheaper than the previous site I bought from, I like getting 5/32 ID rings, which for 1000 used to be $17.00, and now it's closer to $5.00. That's a HUGE price cut!

When I first started ordering rings, theringlord seemed like a really crappy site. It still is harder to navigate than bluebuddhaboutique, but now that I've seen the prices, I can't believe I ever decided to get rings anywhere else. I'm not sure about their quality, and I'm already annoyed by their lack of customization choices, but I think it's worth dealing with that.

I bought scalemaille, and plan to make dice bags and flowers with it. Here are some examples below:



I hope to make some other things as well, because I like scalemaille and I plan on selling some products made with it but I haven't found anything else SMALL enough to make. Maybe some jewelry! I'm sure bracelets and necklaces would look pretty cool with scalemaille.... In fact I saw a pretty cool necklace at Radcon that somebody was wearing but I didn't get a close enough look to replicate anything close to it. Ah well! I should be creative enough to make my own stuff, right? 


  1. Sounds like you are going to have some fun with the stuff.

    1. Oh, I am. I've done it before but I haven't had a chance to do anything with scalemaille yet. I found a pretty awesome scalemaille dragon that everyone wants that I'd like to try making as well. It's killing me to wait for it in the mail!