Mar 23, 2013

Getting things done.

I find I'm having a hard time thinking up of titles, because all I've been working on is knitting, chainmaille, or both (more on "both" later). It's not like I can title a post "chainmaille" every day, or call it "chainmaille bracelet" because I have more stuff than just a bracelet to show you. So if you think I have unimaginative or random titles in the next few days.. weeks.. for a while, it's because it's just the same category, but different stuff.

I finished the chainmaille dragon today:

He's longer now, in the picture he was 7 inches, and now he's 10 inches. I just added some more body in order to add more scales. He looked a little short to me. I think I will add some Chinese dragon whiskers to his little face. You can't really tell, but his eyes are jewelry brass. I followed someones tutorial on making the head, but I didn't bother finding rings with the right gauges so it turned out a little loose. I just shoved a scale into the middle of his head to take up space, and it's a bit better now. It's also better now that it's attached to the body. 

Here's the knitting AND chainmaille:

I just knitted a small swatch to see if I wanted to put scales on every stitch or every other stitch. I think I should have just looked at other peoples knitted scalemaille, as it's obvious that EVERYONE does it every other stitch. It's more secure that way, anyways. Plus it uses up less scales. I only have 100 of each color. 

I plan on making knit scaly dice bags like this. I tried making a scale maille flower, but it's pretty much impossible with the rings I have, so that will have to wait.. For now it's just dragons and dice bags, at least hopefully. I bet those will sell faster than chainmaille jewelry, anyways. 

I think that I am just going to start buying wire from chainmaille websites so I can make rings in every size, because it costs a lot of money to order rings in every size. Every time I order, I'm always disappointed in my limitations because of the size of the maille. Because of this, I ordered discounted packs of random sizes of aluminum, copper, and jewelry brass a long time ago. I would rather have all the sizes separated instead of spending an hour at a time looking through the piles trying to find the right sizes though. 

So, that's what I've been doing all day. I also made cookies. I can't eat any though because I just ate a giant package of skittles, even though I hate them. I can feel my teeth rotting. Ugh. 

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