Mar 16, 2013


So I made some bracelets and an anklet while at a friends house. His girlfriend let me borrow her camera, but honestly I couldn't tell if it's better than my phone camera when I looked at the pictures on the screen! Here's some pictures: 

Amiira is the name of my hedgehog... She is brown and white. 

Ball chain and leather wrapped bracelet... I love making these. 

Rhino's Snorting Drano anklet. Made with sampler rings. 

Made with some random blue beads that I have a lot of. 

I like bracelets that don't have any patterns... Like the beaded ones above. I'm not sure if other people do, though, so if you like them or hate them, please let me know. I want to sell these! Except the first one. That's mine... I wouldn't sell something based off my hedgehog. 

Anyways, just wanted to share. Please let me know your opinions! 

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