Mar 22, 2013

I love chainmaille!!!

So, yesterday, I started working on chainmaille! Finally. I was NOT happy with the wait. I never want to order from Canada again. While I was waiting, I looked it up online and found all of these horror stories about shipping to and from Canada... Ugh. I've just never had to wait as long as they actually said, or I already knew about a long wait coming and was getting continual updates about my package. Anyways, on to the fun stuff!

I forgot how much pain my hands would be in after a long break from working with pliers. I didn't stop because I was too excited to try some things out, though. The first thing I made was a half Persian bracelet:

Women's Size Persian Bracelet

I should probably stop wearing it, as I want to sell it, but YAY CHAINMAILLE! Next I tried making a juggling ball. I'm not too happy with it, it's sort of misshapen for some reason, plus I couldn't get the very last ring in. I'll probably take it apart, I think that the AR will have to be a little different with the 1/4 inch ID rings.

Crappy Juggling ball to be taken apart in the near future. 

Next, I started on a chainmaille dragon. I haven't figured out how I want to do the head, but here is the body and the tail:

Might add more scales at the end of the tail...

There IS a tutorial I have found to make the dragons, but the body would have taken too many rings. I used much bigger green and black rings, at least with a 1/2 inch ID if not bigger, to make the body in full Persian. Then I mixed the blue scales with the silver because I wanted more silver to be incorporated. He is only about 6 1/2 inches long right now. Since I used bigger rings for the body, I may use smaller ones to add legs.
After that I hope to sell him. I'll have to figure out the shipping prices. I think he'll be $20-25, depending on how many rings I use, as well as how much time I waste trying to figure out his head.

I'm posting on a Facebook page my friend created specifically for chainmaille, if you like what you see come find us there!

To end on a happy note, my cat is inside:

Poor Kitty

My stepmom says she's been peeing on a chair, and my dad told me that the chair is ruined. I got home, saw that my cat is now being chased outside every time she's found inside, but no soiled chair. She's locked in my room for now, and she hasn't peed on ANYTHING... But to be on the safe side, she's staying in my room. She usually hates being in here, but now she'll do anything to be allowed to stay inside, so she's happy snuggling up in my comforter. Like the scarf she's cuddling? My friend Leah makes those and sells them for $10! Send me a message if you want one! 

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